“1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness” – NAMI

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not in the mental health industry, but I’ve got a lot of opinions about mental health and the culture I live in. 

Everyone goes through trauma and has their own response to it, yet the amount of time we spend on understanding trauma’s effect on our brain is miniscule. We throw pills at problems and hope they go away, but that shouldn’t be surprising considering that as a society we do the same with the rest of our body more often than not. It’s funny, I read those last two sentences back to myself and felt so negative that I nearly deleted them, but then I thought again… They’re true. Leave them. 

Trauma builds up like plaque, every time you fail to address the cause of that trauma its negative effects build in your brain. It’s worth your time and effort to address the effects the trauma had and to build a mental toolbox to prepare for the future.

I’m just here to send a simple message, we should start by understanding that the above two statements are true, and we all go through trauma and should share those moments to better relate to each other. What’s the downside? Vulnerability? Perception?  Get outta here with that trash. You can have those thoughts in your head if you’d like, hell I have them myself, but then I write them down and realize how stupid they are and I keep sharing. I keep listening to rational thoughts. 

People inherently want to help other people, so what if we approached vulnerability as the ultimate medicine for the brain? I imagine a day where we do, and I hope you join me.

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