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You’re already doing it, so why not document it? All those wonderful things you’re doing for your community.

It’s a simple question that I ask all my clients, and I encourage you to ask yourself as well as your staff. No, this isn’t about boasting or bragging, it’s about spreading good, and inspiring others by example. Go the extra mile to document which charities and organizations you’re supporting, and work with them to build both of your brands! 

Here are a few simple steps to make sure you’re maximizing your philanthropic efforts:

Audit what you’re currently doing

If you’re like most businesses, you’re already helping local organizations and also have team members volunteering, but can you get/do more for less? Audit your philanthropic efforts annually (at a minimum) and bring your key team members in on the audit. 

Double down on your communication with that organization

Make sure you have a strong contact inside that organization, and that they’re looking to deepen the relationship going forward. Set up a meeting day where you bring your employee’s over to that organization and volunteer, buy them lunch, and then do it all over again six months later! 

Create content that is easy to consume

You’ve documented, now edit it and make it easy to digest. Think about your target audience and make sure it appeals to them. Don’t just create to create, create with purpose! 

Track, Listen, Improve! 

Finally, look deep into the details. How is your content doing? How many people are watching the videos? When are they leaving? What are they saying about the videos? Have you asked any of your fans offline? There are so many ways to find out the details, you just have to want it. 

I hope this inspires you to dig deeper into your pocket for philanthropic documentation, but more importantly, for inspiring others to do the same. Let’s do some good, or even better, some great.