Sometimes a chat with Dad is more than enough

Sitting here thinking about the previous week and trying to learn something from the ups and downs. That’s the point of this blog. Even though this was a solid week, I found myself feeling a bit “low” the majority of the week. After writing a few sentences I found myself thinking about one of my bright spots. 

I moderated a panel for #SameHere this past week and I happened to hear from an unexpected listener that tuned in, my father. My routine morning phone call started with,  “You know Stephen, I really am proud of your work with Mental Health. I should share it more often so I just want you to know that it’s really something special.” 

He is 74 years old and definitely doesn’t know how to tune into most podcasts let alone Twitter Streams but somehow he figured it out. 

Talking about Mental Health with my dad is tough. Not nearly as much for me as it is for him, though. This guy supports me through thick and thin, but I know that speaking about my MH is not for him. He feels responsible for my suffering. 

If you’ve struggled with your Mental Health and had a parent hear about it, you’ve probably experienced something similar. If you think about it, it’s a great opportunity to go over the attributes they’ve given you and the lived experiences which are causing your struggle. You’re both completely present and transparent. 

I was able to tell my dad, even if just for a minute, some of the battles I’m fighting and how much I appreciate the talent(s) and fortitude he has given me to WIN THE BATTLES. 

Whether you’re playing the role of Mark or myself, I hope you’re able to find a bright spot this week.