Wandering and Wondering…

It seems that wandering isn’t so abnormal as I get older. Things happen and every decision I make becomes a bit more impactful. Seems that wandering becomes just as important as it is dangerous. 

As some big life decisions arrive on my doorstep I find my desire to wander increasing. Could be the desire to avoid the decision just as much as it is the desire to make the right one. I tend to think there’s a fine line between the two. 

I’ve found myself wandering (not wondering) as our automotive marketing company, Fountain Forward, has reached a fork in the road. An exciting one, but a fork in the road nonetheless. I was back in Stevens Point, WI playing golf staring into the marsh wondering how things would play out. Golf is one of the ways I wander and wonder at the same time. It’s especially nice in the summer time back home where I can go for hours without seeing anyone. All I hear is birds chirping and the sound of water as it passes by. 

If the company were to take the “leap” one thing I can guarantee is that I won’t have to look back and wonder what it would be like if I did try. There are, of course, all the conservative reasons why we should just stay the course. The current course has been incredible and more than I even anticipated… It’s tough to willingly risk consistency in the pursuit of greatness. 

But, what about the capability of our team? What about their family and their dreams? What about the legacy of our company? This is when I really increase the wandering. I honestly think I’m looking for something that I may never find. 

So, as you might guess… I wonder what decision I will make. I wonder how much more I’ll wander before making a decision. 

Only time will tell. Have a great week.