A lesson from a boxing class

I went boxing with two of my friends a week ago. First time in many years. We had been on one hell of a tear working on a video series, traveling, etc. and it would have been easy to cancel late Thursday night. Thankfully we didn’t. 

We dragged our asses over to the gym, started at 7:30 AM, and by 8:30 I was absolutely gassed. We finished and man were we glad!

Once I got showered up and sat down at my desk I started to write this blog. I began thinking about my attitude going into boxing versus when I left. It’s basically a monologue. 

“I’m capable of more, but more importantly I’m inspired to put myself in situations in which foster humility. You see, I feel there’s this weird intersection between humility, confidence, ambition, and discipline. Let me make this simple. I got my ass kicked today, and all it made me do is wonder how much more I’m capable of and how full of myself I currently am. It’s like I’m “high” on how much of a little bitch I realized I still am, but the fact that since I now know I’m a little bitch, that gets me high. High on life, I suppose.”

Boxing reminded me that anytime I get too high on myself, I’m only one new challenge (and a little perspective) away from getting back to where I need to be. 

After some travels, I’m headed back to boxing class this week with my friend, Nick. I’m going-in humble, happy, and grateful. I’m ready to work hard, support my boxing partner, and learn something new. 

Who’s gonna carry the boats?