Teachings from a tough week

It was one of those weeks. Ever feel like something weird was in the air but you just didn’t know what? I had one of those weeks. 

Tuesday was a birthday full of wonderful messages from people I love and care for. Thursday marked five years since my dear friend and business partner took his life. 

Regarding Cameron, my internal conversation was two fold. Of course I know what to do, think about all the good times and our wonderful memories together. But, if you’ve ever been through a tragedy you know what it’s like to have thoughts like a horror film. That was me Thursday-Saturday. I just couldn’t kick it. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way… You wake up in the morning with high levels of anxiety and catastrophic thoughts. Fight or flight mode. Easy to stay in bed where things are “safe” instead of getting up and facing the world. 

Something I’ve thought about for awhile but hadn’t figured out how to say. 

Really strong men (and women) are not immune to weakness. They’re not immune to Mental Health battles. I believe the only difference is that really strong men do not allow tough times to create an imbalance. They work their way out from the hole. They address weakness immediately before it creates an imbalance. 

If you’re familiar with The Dark Night Rises you remember that Bruce Wayne finds his way out of “The Pit ” which requires not only strength, but confidence as well. 

I believe that strong men accomplish the same thing in small doses over time. 

I felt like I was in The Pit this week. Hell, I still kinda feel like I’m trying to get my last foot out. But, this is not time to give in to weakness. This is not time to allow imbalance. It’s time to get back to work.

It’s time to climb out of The Pit. If you’re having a tough week, just know I’m climbing with you.