The perception of time with our loved ones

Let’s say you have a parent that’s 70 years old and it seems reasonable they live until they’re 80. It would then be reasonable to feel like 10 years is a decent amount of time. 

Regardless of your perception of time, 10 years is 10 years. It’s 3650 days. Stay with me. 

But, that’s not the amount of time we have left with our loved one. That’s the amount of time they would be alive, but not the amount of time WE have left with them. 

If you’re like me and you live across the country, you may only see them 1-3 times per year depending who you are. Now, say that back to yourself if you get to see them two times per year… 

“I’m going to see my loved one 20 more times before they’re no longer here.”

At first, it sounds very sad and gloomy. It’s not. It’s the facts hitting you in the face giving you a choice to change the way you spend time with your loved ones. Maybe you already have this perspective, and I love that for you! I happen to forget it from time to time. 

My friend Eric Kussin brought this up to me with this little image awhile back.

It’s a really nice reminder. 

I’m up north spending some time with my parents for two weeks. I do this a few times each summer. I could get an AirBNB especially because of being on calls eight-hours a day (and it’s also nice to be alone at times), but I don’t. I have a setup in their basement and my mother makes me breakfast pretty much every day. How good is that?

Let’s say I have 10 years left with them. I’m going to make sure it’s spent with them as much as possible. 

Until next time.