How do you act when you’re stressed the fuck out?

People act differently when shit hits the fan. Things get really hard, protective nature takes over, and people often fold like a lawn chair. 

I’m speaking from experience, both in dealing with others and also from my own actions. Especially from my own actions. 

If you read my last two writings, you know I’m navigating turbulent waters. Well, as always it’s teaching me a lot. One of the things it’s teaching me… 

I’ll figure out who you really are when you’re exhausted, stressed out, and lacking resources. 

I don’t want that to happen, but, when you go to war these things just happen. 

There’s not a single company I’m involved with that is “corporate” in nature. These are growing businesses that have tremendous growing pains. Shit breaks and accountability is necessary. 

The thing is, when we’re hiring, I really have no clue how that person is going to act when things go sideways. Of course I try to qualify as much as possible but it’s still a gamble. 

So, I do exactly what my mentors did for me. I look them straight in the eyes and tell them that they may want to point fingers or go run and hide but it won’t help them. 

Unfortunately, too often this is the case. A team member sends an email regarding some “emergency” that happened and how they’re not going to be able to keep going. No, I’m not being insensitive or inconsiderate. Once you’ve heard the same “emergency” several times it’s pretty easy to put two and two together. You’re giving up. 

Well, if you’ve ever done that, which some of you probably have, just know that the rest of us on the battlefield know exactly what you did. 

You folded. The pressure became too much. It wasn’t the situation, it was you. 

The good thing is, it’s still you. You can overcome it the next time shit hits the fan. 

Unfortunately some stuff went sideways the last few weeks. I questioned my own fucking sanity more than a few times. 

Fortunately, 95% of the team stuck together and realized that all they had to do was not listen to their emotions. 

You may lose the battle. Ain’t no thang!

Win the war. 

Just writing this will get me through another week. 

See you in the foxhole.