If he brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it

I spent the last week in Wisconsin. Amidst everything going on at work, I suppose you could say I was really looking to escape reality. 

noun. the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc.

Trying to escape reality, as the words clearly describe, isn’t really a good idea. But, nonetheless, I had a trip planned so why not go as hard as possible to escape my crappy thoughts. Cuz that will fix it!

I spent some time this past week with three wonderful friends. Two of them visited Wisconsin for the first time and I was able to show them around the state for a few days. 

When I plan a trip, I really plan a trip. Non-stop fun until we board the plane. 


Along the way, I was carrying the weight of my business on my shoulders which made it difficult to be present. I was getting seriously angry with myself because of the volume of thoughts running through my head. I had some awesome progress to start the week and then as the month came to an end I had some procedural changes and client cases that needed to be addressed. 

Again, it’s a simple battle. Working on being present as much as possible while at the same time putting yourself in situations that will inevitably require my attention at inopportune times. That’s what I’m going to get in a leadership role. 

Now, to the takeaway…

Insert my three buddies on the trip. Insert the title of this blog. These guys were absolutely fantastic. They brought joy every minute of the trip. 

What more can a guy ask for?! 

This is why I write. I look back at the times when I took those tough phone calls and remember that while those were tough calls, I was able to be in great company the whole time. What a gift. 

I sat down on Sunday worrying about everything I possibly could and when I’d start to lose control, I just started to write and think about the guys on the trip. 

If you ask me, they’re role models the way they carry themselves. 

I hope to carry myself more like them in the near future. 

Cheers to them.