Why so serious?

If you’re familiar with golf, you know that Saturday is “moving day.”

You can’t win the tournament on Saturday, but you sure can make progress and put yourself in a position to win. 

That’s what this past week felt like. It felt like we had some smooth sailing which allowed everyone to refocus. 

While digesting the week, I had a great conversation with my buddy Nick on Sunday. It felt quite timely. 

He said, “I take myself way too seriously”, referencing himself. 

I started laughing because as I was climbing through my heap of tasks, planning, and decisions over the last week I realized I was taking myself WAY too seriously. 

It really was a “laugh out loud” moment. 

To add to this mantra about taking things too serious, I was reminded that health issues of any sort will quickly make work/career less important. 

I hurt my eardrum and haven’t had much hearing in my left ear for about 24 hours now.

No reason to take all this work stuff too seriously, right?

Lesson learned. Smirking as I write this. 

I hope you have a great week of perspective and health.