Don’t forget who brought you to the dance

Spent part of the week in Florida meeting with a prospective addition to the Fountain Forward team as well as what I would now call a great friend. 

Before I headed to Florida, I had two conversations which pertained to my trip… One with my friend Adam and then one with my business partner Chris. 

My conversation with Adam revolved around a metaphor. As we rise in our careers, certain people are like boosters for a rocket and as we reach certain altitudes, they fall off. Some people are not equipped to handle certain altitudes. But… a quote brings me to my second conversation which was with Chris.

Don’t forget who brought you to the dance. 

There are people who helped me when I was “just starting out” whether it was in helping deliver our services or our first client(s) who gave us a shot. They were there when I needed them. 

I have mentors that stuck with me through thick and thin. Same thing. Don’t forget them. Remember their good deeds. In fact, make sure they get preferential treatment. 

But, at what point does that begin and what point does that end? How much is enough appreciation and what’s not enough? That’s where I spent my weekend. 

Chris had mentioned something to the tune of: If you’re getting too far away from “generous” then you’re probably being too greedy even if you’re not that close to the greedy side of decision making. 

It doesn’t take me much to understand what he is really trying to say. 

This is a shift in identity that will take me some time but it’s one I am committed to. 

I’d love to hear some feedback from some of you who have had this same type of conversation with yourself or others. 

Have a GRATEFUL week.