Family Friendly

My Godfather had a unique influence on my life. As I got older, he and I got closer and closer. I didn’t get to see him often as we live across the country but when I got to hang out, it was just like hanging with the boys. He knew how to light me up as soon as I arrived and that didn’t stop until I left. 

My Uncle passed away a few years back and at his “celebration of life” I was reconnected with his son, my cousin, Nick. We hadn’t seen each other in at least 10 years and never really had a relationship as he is 10 years older than me. 

We exchanged information and he mentioned he would like to have me out at his new house in Custer (WI) when I was in town next. One thing led to another and a quick trip to his house became a full day of fun and a plan to travel to a car show together the following weekend in Elkhart Lake, WI. 

When the trip was over, there was something fairly clear sticking out. Uncle Gary had the Trans Am, Nick got his Porsche, and now it was my turn.

When it came down to the big decision, all I had to do was call Nick and have him remind me of what Uncle Gary said… “Go for it!” (this is now Nick’s license plate btw).

Sure enough, the car I’ve always wanted came home with me and we both had our dream cars to ride around in together. 

But, there’s a piece missing. Nick had to travel to Houston to come see MY car… 

This weekend was that weekend! 

From a great workout, to a tour of breweries, to the highlight of the trip at Coffee & Cars, it was action packed fun the entire weekend. The icing on the cake was that every few hours Nick would say something and sound EXACTLY like his dad. 

Makes me smile ear to ear just thinking about it. 

With all that said, the best part of the whole trip had nothing to do with what we did. It was what I discovered as I spent more and more time with Nick. 

If yall have read any of my previous blogs you know I am working hard on my Mental Health and my character. It’s very important for me to hang around high-character individuals as it keeps me in my lane when I need a little help. 

Well, simply put, Nick is one of those dudes. He is a guy that I want to spend time with and the more time I do spend, the better man I become. Dude gets to the office a full ONE HOUR before everyone else like there’s NO OTHER CHOICE. He just does it and never mentions it. That’s how you lead! 

But the last part is the best part. 

We are family, and I realized that deep down I’ve been yearning for family connection like this. 

I wish I had a more eloquent way of closing this one up, but I don’t. 

I’m beyond grateful for this weekend. I’m grateful for Uncle Gary putting us together. 

Have a great week.