My Niece on a Jungle Gym

I spent most of Thanksgiving week on the road in Florida. It started with some awesome meetings in Sarasota with my mentor and ended with my sister in Naples.

Quick Note: Thanksgiving week is normally very quiet so putting a good amount of work in makes the week after feel like I’m a month ahead.


Forced Slow Down

It’s been two years since I last got sick. On Wednesday night I got absolutely WRECKED by food poisoning. I won’t get into details but let’s just say the neighbors may or may not have called the police in fear of an exorcism next door.

Don’t forget who brought you to the dance

Spent part of the week in Florida meeting with a prospective addition to the Fountain Forward team as well as what I would now call a great friend.

Before I headed to Florida, I had two conversations that pertained to my trip… One with my friend Adam and then one with my business partner Chris.

Stand For What You’re Worth

What a week. We’re in quite the lull when it comes down to our lead-generation system but sure enough, at the same time we’ve been gifted with some strong referrals from our clients. Referrals are not overly common in the automotive industry. Dealers, in my experience, are quite possessive when they have something that is working. I take that as a compliment.

What punishments of God are not gifts?

“I learned to love the things in which I wished did not happen.” – Stephen Colbert

I’ve never really followed Colbert so I didn’t have an opinion either way. With that said, his interview with Anderson Cooper reminded me of a conversation with my friend Kyle awhile back.

A lesson from a boxing class

I went boxing with two of my friends a week ago. First time in many years. We had been on one hell of a tear working on a video series, traveling, etc. and it would have been easy to cancel late Thursday night. Thankfully we didn’t.

The fight with the devil

Background: It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I figured out how unnatural my mood swings were. It was quite liberating to figure out that I wasn’t losing my mind, while I was in fact losing my mind. From there, let’s just say I bitched and moaned for a few years about how having a non-neurotypical brain sucked and woe is me. I became really good at feeling bad for myself.