The Attention-Seeking 8 Year-Old

I think it’s really easy to slip into lying when you’re in sales. When I say lying, it probably causes you a visceral reaction as it does with me so please allow me to expand. I used to say, “fib” or “embellish” but at the end of the day, it’s lying (though they say embellishing is grounded in truth but you get the point).


I’ve been journaling for about four years now, ever since my dear friend and business partner Cameron passed away. I was having dangerous ideations. Catastrophic ideations. My original purpose was to be able to find patterns in my thoughts to ensure I didn’t act on detrimental ones. I questioned myself, wrote my thoughts down, and then didn’t act on anything until I read it back to myself a day or two after. Insurance to make sure that if the ideations were getting bad, I just needed to win the day and see if I felt the same the next day. I’ve won a lot of days since then.