Family Friendly

My Godfather had a unique influence on my life. As I got older, he and I got closer and closer. I didn’t get to see him often as we live across the country but when I got to hang out, it was just like hanging with the boys. He knew how to light me up as soon as I arrived and that didn’t stop until I left.

The shot of a lifetime

What a weekend! It was the first Highland Swing (Member-Guest Golf Tournament) at BraeBurn CC since 2019 and I got to play with my best friend from High School, Matt Weber.

You have to pull it off

I was having a conversation with Phil this past week regarding one of our clients. We were in Dallas and our client, who we really love by the way, had brought up how he goes about customer service.

Why so serious?

If you’re familiar with golf, you know that Saturday is “moving day.”

You can’t win the tournament on Saturday, but you sure can make progress and put yourself in position to win.

A demonstration of priorities

“Your lack of commitment is an insult to the people that believe in you.”

That was a quote I heard from an interview with Connor McGregor a while back. It came up in a conversation this past week when discussing the engineering of my inner vs outer circle of influence.

Lessons and Liberation in Florida

If I told you that a “slower” week really fucked with my head would you believe me?

Well, I had a discussion with my partner Chris and it became quite clear what the culprit was. Without getting deep into it, I struggle with long-term tasks/plans. So, when client needs and sales are slower, I find myself not necessarily searching for things to do, but struggling with prioritizing and focusing. Going even deeper, it’s easy for me to use this weakness as an excuse when I don’t take action.