Lessons and Liberation in Florida

If I told you that a “slower” week really fucked with my head would you believe me?

Well, I had a discussion with my partner Chris and it became quite clear what the culprit was. Without getting deep into it, I struggle with long-term tasks/plans. So, when client needs and sales are slower, I find myself not necessarily searching for things to do, but struggling with prioritizing and focusing. Going even deeper, it’s easy for me to use this weakness as an excuse when I don’t take action. 

Not a good look to say the least. But, a nice little lesson and reminder. 

Anyways… On to some positive stuff. 

After that discussion, I was off to Florida for a four-day trip working with an industry partner for Fountain Forward and doing introductions for Accounting Labs. This was a perfect time to practice what was discussed on Wednesday especially because I had plenty of distractions around me. 

On the FF side, I had a meeting with whom I would now call a dear friend. I learn something new every time I see him. We’re both at a crossroads in our respective careers and I’m happy to say we’ve both liberated each other in many ways. I bet you’re going to see some really cool news about him and I in the near future. God willing!

On the Accounting Labs side, I got to take Emiliano on his first business trip. Pretty fun scenario. I’m at the point where I’m essentially teaching him how to run a business and then introducing him to my contacts. It’s quite exhilarating honestly. People have a hard time processing that I met him online a few years ago and before we had ever even met in person, Accounting Labs incorporated in the state of Florida! 

My belief system is simple. Build up your skills and experience to give others a platform to perform on. I make many people uncomfortable with the type of “leaps” I take with individuals, but it works and I believe in these individuals. 

I suppose you could say that each time I do this, no matter what company or scenario, I am liberated as much as them.

God willing, they will get to repeat this process for another person and the trend will continue. 

Brings me a smile on this wonderful Monday morning. 

Until next time,