one of my greatest pleasures
investing in america

I became an entrepreneur by accident, but becoming an investor was a different story. Once I started saving money, I couldn’t wait to deploy it. Whether it’s buying Commercial Real Estate or investing in one of the Fountain Forward clients, if I think I can grow the business, I’m taking my shot. 

- Stephen Jurgella -

Stephen's Investments

I am a young entrepreneur using my vision and experience to invest in and advise companies. I’m seeking opportunities that allow me to be on different boards and also an angel Investor. Below is a list of the projects that have allowed me to build great relationships and business opportunities.

Some of my favorite photos from my business activities

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Investment opportunities

I love hearing about new opportunities. Whether you’ve been in business for five years and you think I can help you expand, or you’re a startup looking for an advisor, I definitely want to hear about it!

- Stephen Jurgella -