I was born in Wisconsin, live in Houston and I love to build, invest in, and market small businesses! My passion is to share stories about business, mental health, friends, and personal development. I didn’t learn in a traditional manner, so I’m here documenting “lived experiences” to help you on your personal journey regardless of how you learn. Whether it’s helping you take calculated risks, avoiding unnecessary failure, or merely helping you think through your current situation, I love seeing people make the most pragmatic decision!

I am proud to lead a team of motivated individuals at Fountain Forward since 2011. 

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I Write about Business, Mental health
and personal development

- Bob Lanham - Head of automotive - meta -

“He’s straight to the point, knows what works and is not distracted by noise. I greatly respect that and believe it’s one of the main reasons he’s very successful for his Clients.”

- justin furstenfeld - lead singer - blue october -

“When it comes to public speaking I respect him even more because he cuts right to the point and puts feelings aside.”

- Eric Kussin - founder - #sameHere Global -

“Stephen’s dedication to championing Mental Health with his involvement as the founder of the #SameHere C-Suite alliance speaks for itself. He’s your guy.”

What i've got to say about marketing, Investing
and personal development.


My Niece on a Jungle Gym

I spent most of Thanksgiving week on the road in Florida. It started with some awesome meetings in Sarasota with my mentor and ended with my sister in Naples. Quick Note: Thanksgiving week is normally very quiet so putting a good amount of work in makes the week after feel like I’m a month ahead. Anyways…

Forced Slow Down

It’s been two years since I last got sick. On Wednesday night I got absolutely WRECKED by food poisoning. I won’t get into details but let's just say the neighbors may or may not have called the police in fear of an exorcism next door.