Not the Drake you’re thinking of

I flew to Cincinnati on Saturday for a 72 hour trip across Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Sometimes I just have to fly across the country and get in front of a prospect because I KNOW it’s a great match for both parties and it’s my job to show them the light. God willing, I’ll be writing next week about 3-4-5 new clients. 


Sunday I took one of our clients (Jon) to the Bengals vs Texans game. Before the game, the second in command, Jeremy, had a tailgate. While we were hanging out there were two guys that started talking to Jeremy & Jon so I joined in. All four of them are either veterans or currently enlisted. The two guys I didn’t know were on active duty. Not only was this the day after Veterans Day but what was about to happen was too much to not be God giving me a sign. 

After introducing myself, they continued on with their conversation. 

As I am piecing together the conversation, I am nearly certain they’re talking about them gaming together. I’m intrigued at how detailed their explanations are. Then, all of a sudden, Jon goes…

“Shawn is the drone pilot and Drake provides him all the intel before and during missions. Basically his wing man.” 

These guys sit in Ohio & Kentucky operating drones overseas. Hell yeah! 

How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more! (like I’m offering you a second tactical flashlight for only shipping & handling). 

As the conversation continued, Drake and I broke off in a side discussion. 

Now, if you’re not into “building things” especially businesses this may be a really lame segway so feel free to go grab a coffee…

Drake is a master of standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Everything he and Shawn does is in a sequence even down to situational awareness. It’s fascinating. 

Fountain Forward, specifically our operations team, has been all-in on SOP’s for the last two years and only three days ago Chris was discussing the military and how good they are at getting random people from all over the nation to execute at a high level. 

How? SOP’s. Really well thought-out SOP’s. 

Again, maybe that’s boring to some (or many) but not only was I talking to an amazing person protecting our country, he was also showing me the pathway to more efficient operation. I’m sure the other guys were laughing at the fact that I wanted to talk about SOP’s for a half hour. 

To close things up. To all the veterans and active duty members… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The American Flag flies proudly at the front of my house and every day when I look at it I remember why I’m able to fly it without worry. 

Another week has gone by and it’s another week that God put someone in my path to help show me that I’m not only going in the right direction, but I’m doing better than I thought. 

Have a great week.