A demonstration of priorities

“Your lack of commitment is an insult to the people that believe in you.”

That was a quote I heard from an interview with Connor McGregor a while back. It came up in a conversation this past week when discussing the engineering of my inner vs outer circle of influence.

I call it the “Nucleus-Peripheri”. You’re either in the Nucleus (a small group of individuals) or you’re in the Peripheri (everyone else not in the Nucleus). 

No, that’s not a mispelling, I invented it and will patiently wait for it to show up in Webster’s dictionary. 

Anyways, this came up when I was calculating relationships which require more compassion/patience versus what could be considered purely a waste of my time. It may sound savage, but I am comfortable in the way I’m going about it. I only have so much time and with the time I do have I want to spend it with those who are elevating and helping me elevate. There are a subset of people that have tremendous potential but need to put in the work to realize such potential. I have a few people that fit into that category…

So, while increased levels of compassion are in place, there are breaking points. What happens when an individual continues making the same mistakes? At what point does compassion become wasting my and their time? It’s a blurry line if you ask me. There is no framework. It’s always a blend of progress and complacency. 

For me, my leash is short. When someone has tremendous potential and they waste it by getting distracted or focusing “short term” I become resentful quickly. I especially become resentful when they spend their time crafting an external narrative so others see them as the person they want to be while inside they are not. The work is being put on crafting their perception, not on their person. 

Now I want “it” (their future self) more than they do. This cannot happen. Not with me. 

The same goes for me. If someone at Fountain Forward wants our success more than me, I have failed them. I have failed myself. They should throw in the towel. 

True friends, or “real ones” as the kids are saying, speak to us like Connor did. 

They hold you in high regard. 

Don’t fuck with that. Those people are willing to be extremely uncomfortable in pursuit of your greatest being. They’re willing to stand up to you even when you won’t stand up for you. Especially when you won’t stand up for you. 

Demonstrate that you have some real respect for yourself this week. Put some fucking respect on your name. 

I’ll do the same,