You have to pull it off

I was having a conversation with Phil this past week regarding one of our clients. We were in Dallas and our client, who we really love by the way, had brought up how he goes about customer service. 

One thing that gets lost in the world of advertising, marketing, and analytics is the impact of genuine care and commitment to excellence. Looking at customers, what their individual needs are, and then finding a way to get the job done. Finding a way to not only get the deal done but make a positive impact on their life (if possible). 

In a conversation with Mark (client), I responded… “You just have to pull it off. No questions asked. Just get it done.” 

To which he responded, “That’s the only way to think. If it needs to be done, find a way.”

“I can do all the advertising I want but nothing compares to going above and beyond to pull through when no one else could. With all due respect, advertising/marketing can’t do that”

He’s right, and it’s damn exciting to hear him speak his mind. You can see the passion in his eyes. He does this shit every day. 

Later in the meeting, a story from one of his managers when Mark stepped out:

They said they had a long time customer that mentioned he had been wanting floor liners for quite some time. The customer had also previously mentioned the Yeti cooler in the showroom a year before when servicing his vehicle, but the cooler was just for show. 

That customer had his new car delivered that day with floor liners AND a Yeti cooler. 

Ben, the manager I was listening to, mentioned this happens all the time. 

The mentality is, “Today we’re going to pull something off that others can not.”

What a way to live. What a way to do business. 

I took this as a gentle reminder that if we take this mentality seriously and understand its impact we will always win in the end. 

We will push down barriers that others will not. 

We will be more creative than others. 

We have to pull it off because if not us, then who?

Thanks Mark. I appreciate you, sir.